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Heart Offerings:

Memberships, Donations, and Goals

Welcome Members And Friends!

We welcome all guests, seekers, members, friends, and supporters of the Meditation Sterling. Your support is essential to its very existence. We value your help to "hold and carry the Dharma for future generations."

Whether you choose to contribute your hard-earned money to fund the construction of a permanent Katsel Buddhist Temple in Virginia, or to support our efforts on a day-to-day basis, these donations exclusively fund the nurturing of Tibetan Buddhism and its culture in the West. This is aligned with our vision to one day build a permanent site for Meditation Sterling here in the United States in or around the commonwealth of Virginia by purchasing land to build it on. Katsel Monastery's goal is to create a Buddhist Temple where the world can make pilgrimages for retreats, empowerments, teachings, have a resident Lama, a monastery for monks and nuns, complete with Stupas, Large Shrine Halls, Retreat Huts, and more.

We offer two donation options:

1. One-Time Donations - these support various areas of center activity.

2. Membership - a monthly donation. Choose either:

- General Membership -

to support our ongoing operations.

- Sustaining Fund Membership -

to support our ongoing operations and as we grow our eventual goal of Purchasing Land for the Construction of a Katsel Monastery or Traditional Tibetan Buddhist Temple in North Virginia, where students, Lamas, Monks, Nuns, Stupas, Large Shrine Halls, Retreat Huts and all beings can congregate for Large events in the future.

We thank you for your support!

Remember Donations are not required to participate in any of our Events, Classes, or Programs.

No one will be ever turned away due to a lack of funds.
You can volunteer to help in other ways. Ultimately the greatest offering is your attendance, kindness, and practice the Buddha's teachings for the peace, happiness, and enlightenment of all sentient beings.

Above is Katsel Monastery in Tibet, Our Hope is to Build a Replica here in the West, which aligns with the Mission of Meditation Sterling to preserve, and cultivate the endangered Tibetan Buddhist Culture as its presented in the Drikung Kagyu Lineage of Buddhism

Donation Monthly Subscription Levels

Student, Senior

Gain merit by supporting the precious Dharma and receive invitations to special member events. 

$15 per month

Basic Individual

All the benefits of  " Student, Senior"

$25 per month


All the Benefits of "Individual" plus no suggested donation for regular weekly classes and events at Katsel Meditation Sterling

$50 per month

Sustaining Family

Benefits of "Sustaining" for entire Family

$75 per month

Remember All Are Welcome.
No one will ever be turned away due to a lack of funds.
The greatest offering is your kindness, attendance,
and practicing the Buddha's teachings. 

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